Living, welcoming and working. in prestigious environments. creating the right atmosphere is the result of aesthetic and compositional choices that highlight essentiality and personality. two characteristics that can Live together in perfect harmony. cementitious surfaces represent an original opportunity to go beyond routine conventions. this is what Lies behind mapei’s idea for a dedicated, innovative proposal, in which shades, Linearity and end results become the vital Lymph of contemporary interior design. with an added advantage: maximum reliability, whatever the Level of foot traffic, in civil surroundings. thanks to its high performance characteristics of mechanical and abrasion resistance in creating continuous, without interruption floorings.

What Makes Microtopping Unique:

Microtopping is the perfect finish for renovating floors, walls and surfaces and to give your surroundings an exclusive touch.  Practical, innovative and quick, you can personalize any surface by varying its color, effect and finish, creating exactly the look you want in just a few days. Each application is unique, done by hand by the professionals of the Ideal work network. Micro topping is a special compound of cement and water-based polymers, suitable for interior and exterior decoration. It is perfect for new buildings to give them a minimal, contemporary and continuous appearance but also for renewing existing surfaces, whether in a state of disrepair or simply no longer fashionable. Microtopping is “green”, in that it is kind to the environment and “smart” because it meets modern requirements for adaptability, transformation and change. During installation it helps in reducing to a minimum any dust, plaster flakes, rubble and all the other clutter from normally bothersome restoration works. Harmonious, resistant and a work of craftsmanship: Microtopping is simple to apply and only 3 millimeters thick, yet capable of giving your surroundings a whole new look.


1. Preparing Micro topping:

  • Prepared the surface
  • Repair of any damaged parts (cracks, holes, e.t.h)
  • Cleaning of the surface

2. Applying Ultra top loft F with a flat Metallic trowel

3. Applying Ultra top loft W after sandpapering the surface

4. Finishing with Mapefloor Finish 58W after the application of one coat of primer Mapefloor Finish 52W diluted 1:1 with water

Where To Use:

Ultratop Loft F is the ideal coating product to create decorative interior floors and walls with a pronounced matric effect.
Thanks to its ease of use, versatility and its resistance to abrasion, this product is ideal for creating floors subjected to intense pedestrian traffic in areas such
as shops, restaurants, reception areas, private
homes, cafes, hotels and showrooms, and generally in all areas relating to interior decorating in the residential and commercial building sector.

The consistency of the product, reduced thickness of the layer applied, the possibility of being applied also on vertical surfaces and of combining it with a various range of colors, allows an infinite variety of original and unique coatings to be created.

Main areas of use

  • Residential settings
  • Commercial areas
  • Restaurant and Hotels lobbies
  • Wellness and spa centers
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Stairways


  • For all types of surfaces: Horizontal ,vertical and ceilings
  • Nuvolato effect, monochromatic or tone on tone
  • Mixable into an infinite array of colors
  • Simple preparation and application
  • High strength and resistance
  • to abrasion
  • Suitable for residential surroundings and commercial areas with intense foot traffic
  • For repairing existing surfaces and
  • creating new coatings
  • Resistant to UV rays

  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Textured/creative tactile effect
  • Easy to clean
Essential, modern, sober
  • Easy maintenance

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