Ultratop Living

Ultratop Living offers an infinite range of solutions to create decorative floors for wide range of sectors of the civil building industry: public, private, commercial and industrial, such as shopping centers, hotels, offices, shops, show-rooms, apartments, etc.


Ultratop Living is used in private, commercial and retail environments to create smooth, flat finished floors on new substrates and existing concrete or ceramic floors to make resistant to light traffic such as pedestrian use.


Ultratop Living is highly resistant to abrasion, has a good level of compressive and flexural strength, adheres perfectly to substrates and dries out quickly, allowing finishing operations to be carried out within an extremely short space of time. 

Natural effect Ultratop System

Particularly recommended for internal floors in: 

  • Industrial facilities, in areas used for processing and storage.
  • Shopping centres, in areas subject to pedestrian traffic and areas used for storage where goods are moved around.
  • Supermarkets, in areas subject to pedestrian traffic.

It is also suitable for:

  • Shops, in sales areas and in store-rooms.
  • Restaurants, in all areas.
  • Apartments, in all rooms.

Performances and advantages:

  • May be applied manually or mechanically at a thickness from 5 to 40 mm.
  • Guarantees perfectly flat surfaces, similar to concrete floors; variations in color may occur.
  • Dries quickly, so that further finishing operations may be carried out after a very short time.
  • Controlled shrinkage characteristics.
  • Resistant to abrasion without the need for further coatings.
  • After the finishing treatment, the floor may be waxed, to make cleaning and maintenance portions simpler. 

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