Innovative Ways for Long Lasting Shine of Marble

Stone polishing and treatment involves several methods and to do so you must first carefully consider the attributes of stone and then suggest a friendly treatment to maintain its quality. Stone Treatment understands the delicate material ‘marble’ and its properties. We apply an innovative approach to for proper care of this delicate stone.

We Provide Premium Quality Marble Polishing in Dubai 

The marble around your home, office or restaurants needs regular maintenance to give sparkling and glowing look for years. Marble is a special type of stone which is usually have softer variant as compared to other stones. The marble stone offers a wide range of colors that carry different lines and unique patterns. In case of marble, traditional tile cleaning does not work properly as some of the areas are harder and can be easily scratched and may lose its shine with the time if proper take care is not followed.

At Stone Treatment, we assure that you get the premium quality treatment services in Dubai. Our work experience in the field have developed a strong profile of our company among the clients and made us a huge and trusted service provider in marble polishing in Dubai. We apply the best innovative ways to treat the delicate materials like marble. marble-polishing

Process of Polishing Marble

Polishing marble is a long process that consists of several activities which allows marble to uphold a smooth surface for a long period of time. The polishing of marble secures it while conserving the glow and shine of the marble. The polishing process includes:

  • Grinding

When stone tiles become uneven then grinding is done with abrasives to even the surface of the stone. Grinding is also recommended when marble contains deep stains or scratches or even when you desire a shiny floor.

  • Honing

This technique is used to remove scratches from the marble but it does not remove the uneven surface of the marble. Honing provides a smooth look to the marble.

  • Polishing

This step provides a long lasting shine to the marble and it is obtained by using diamond abrasives to hone then move towards the powdered abrasives to get the final touch of polish.

Our Firm Does not Only Work as a Polishing Company

Along with the polishing services in Dubai, we do much more than that in Dubai for our consumers. We also specialize in various fields which are as follows:

  • Surface preparation

Involves removal of epoxy and glue or resin coating from the concrete.

  • Antique finishing

Restoration of stones through diamond brushes

  • Decorative and terrazzo
    • Vertical surface polishing
    • Countertops polishing
    • Stone installation
    • Marble & natural stone treatment
      • Artificial stone treatment

Our firm possesses expertise in polishing, restoration & cleaning of various precious and delicate stones. Stone Treatment has built an exceptional reputation in the market for its high quality, honest & reliable services. We use professional and ultra-modern ways to restore or to give back its original shine to the marble. Just try out our marble polishing services in Dubai and experience the difference.

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