Preserve Stone for a Long Time with Expertise

Stone is a long term investment and may not be replaced easily and It’s something that you can preserve for a long time if properly taken care of. Stone Treatment helps you to maintain the brand new look for a long time by providing you tips for its maintenance and practical support so that you may make the most of your investment long into the future.

Stone Treatment – A Well-known Firm In The Field Of Stone Maintenance 

We use various types of stones while building our homes, offices and other places to enhance the look of the place. But to maintain the same look for years is a crucial thing and that is where you need assistance from a stone expert and Stone Treatment has been doing a splendid job in the field for years.

We maintain, restore and polish all types of stones like marble, limestone, granite, and travertine, terrazzo in Dubai on both domestic and commercial levels. Our specialists are highly skilled in cleaning, repairing, refinishing, grinding, crystallization, protecting, polishing and much more than these. Our firm is among the leading companies in Dubai for stone maintenance.

stone-treatment-floor-maintenanceStone Treatment Services Provided by our Company

There are numerous stone treatment services that our firm offers to the clients. Some of them are listed below:

  • Polishing

The process of polishing involves a wet polishing system that leaves behind a glossy, smooth and shiny surface without dust. The brand new surface will allow the stone to be polished accurately up to the satisfaction of the client without disturbing the original color and texture of the stone.

  • Maintenance

Dirty, dull and scratched floor reflects a negative image of yours to others. They cannot be avoided by usual, regular and normal cleaning methods. That is why you need stone experts to maintain a glossy, shiny, smooth and scratch free surface of the floor.

  • Restoration Services

Our highly experienced staff knows how to restore old, dull, and scratchy surfaces. Our restoration services include grinding, re-grouting, re-filling, honing, polishing, sealing & protecting, stain removal, and enhancing.

  • Crystallization

Crystallization brings mirror like shine which is obtained by a chemical reaction on the surface. It also creates a micro film on the surface that is strong and long lasting and protects the color & shine of the marble. Crystallization is a good option when you opt for regular maintenance.

Do You Notice any of These in Your Scenario?

Some issues that you may notice:

  • Lack of shine or luster
  • Visible scratches in the stones
  • Uneven surface of the tiles
  • Patterns in your stone
  • Gathered dirt
  • Missing grout or dirty & stained grout
  • Visible holes occurring in the stone
  • Stains or scars

If you notice a single problem from the list above and want to get it fixed then you may contact our team to get it fixed on the fly. We will be there at the earliest to resolve all your issues related to stone maintenance.

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