Antique Finishing


There is nothing better than the look of antique. We offer you antique finishing on your stone work to make it look classy, elegant, antique and unique. An antique finish to natural stone gives stone an aged kind of appearance by replicating use, wear and tear! This generally dulls the colour, however through many technologies that we use, the floor is restored to make it look smooth and slightly restore the color.

Our work of antique finish will give a slight texture to the face of the stone. This will give an old look but the finish tends to be more unique and timeless.

Methods of giving your floor an antique finish!

We offer you services where you can apply antique finish to natural stone or any stone that you use for your flooring or otherwise. We use manual and automatic – either type of machine to help achieve this look on your floor.

The finish is antiqued but we make sure to keep a fresh and shine on your floor intact. Like many others we do not keep your floor unfinished in the name of antique. The following is the method of giving your floor and antique finish

Step 1

  • First we make sure that we do the surface preparation. This is the most important since this makes the base of any treatment of stone or otherwise.

Step 2

  • We make sure that all the scratches and heavy patches are removed by using our technology and techniques.

Step 3

  • Once the stone is flamed, we use a metal wire brush to remove all the rough edges. We may also use a diamond wire brush for flaming process

Step 4

  • We finally polish the floor to give it a fresh look and shine. Usually you may see people leave out the polish in the name of antique but we strive to work for your betterment only.

We use special machinery to obtain the desired antique finish in your exteriors & interiors. The cylinder revolves as the pieces with abrasive elements are placed in the machine. In a short time the effect becomes similar to that of aging or wear and tear. This impact is not suitable for large pieces at all. The colour becomes a little dull however, the style remains unique!

Types of antiqued stone that we can create for you!

The following are the types of antiqued stone that we offer for your floor!


Rounded edges and a surface with slightly abrasion


Handmade round edges with a little abraded surface


Having finest square edges and slightly acid etched


Impeccable hand chiseled edges with honed surface


Cleanly made square edges with sandblasted surface


honed surface with vertically rounded edges

French quarter:

Heavily & finely chipped edges with uneven rough surface