Countertops Polishing

Giving a new look to your countertops

A countertop, worktop, bench top is horizontal work surface that is usually in kitchens or other food prep areas, bathrooms or any workroom.

Stone Treatment Dubai offers to maintain your counter-tops which need to be polished to make sure that your place looks elegant and spotless. Unmaintained surfaces create a rough look in your work place and bathroom. It will also increase the durability and give it a fresh new look.

We offer you the best countertop polishing service in Dubai to renew it and make it as good as new and increase it life for years.

Choose the Professionals to Do the Job

Countertops can be permanently discolored by some cleaners so it is important to get them professionally polished. Our experts at Stone Treatment use techniques that help make it as good as new. There are several reasons why you should leave polishing to professionals like us.


You can clean it with special cleaners and products but you will never get the finesse that you will get you let an expert do it with a buffer, or electric polish machine.

Steel Wool

We use materials like steel wool to help remove the scratches and surfaces initially and with our technicians and technology; it will remove the gunk stuck on the surface.


Usually countertops are made of granite, it is important for you to know that sometimes you will need a diamond abrasive and tools to re-polish the surface

You can always acquire tools but that is only 10% part of what needs to be done to make your countertop fresh and new. Countertop polishing requires knowledge, skill and most of all experience to get it perfect. To have the reflective and ‘shiny’ effect, you will need large and precise machines that may hurt you if you have it and try to use it without any professional assistance. Using the wrong products can make your countertop weaker and may ruin it further. It is important to know that the shine or reflective appearance does not come from applying anything, rather it is physically created by high friction with specialized techniques and they vary on each type of stone.

 Our Countertops Maintenance Services

Chips and pits repair
Face polish
Crack repair
Silicone Caulk Re-finish
Cuts for new appliances
Cleaning and Sealing
Natural stone blemish removal
We add faucet holes too
Seam Repair
We are professionals who will guide you along the way and make sure that you know what we are doing so that you can feel comfortable. We also guarantee to give you a perfect finish so that your countertop can be as good as new!