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Limestone is a sedimentary rock and has a natural and unique appearance. It is made up of mollusks, marine animals and shells which are calcified over thousands of years. This means it goes through tough times for so many decades before it gets to humans and thus can sustain whatever hardship we put it through. This stone has definitely stood the test of time, there is no denying that. However, that does not mean that it does not need maintenance to look and feel elegant.

Like every other stone, Limestone also has its set of unique aspects which need appropriate attention and care. It is prone to staining, dullness, scratches and acid damage which leads to etching. Given the conditions, it can also get cracked or chipped. With that being said, we have just the right solutions to get your stones looking tip top again.

Whatever service you need, we are ready to breath new life into your stones as we are the most experienced Limestone restoration in Dubai. Our experts understand that cleaning and polishing methods vary based on the type of oil/dirt/acid being removed or according to the surface conditions. We will assess the condition of your Limestone and give the right diagnosis to refresh the look.

Experts at Floor Polishing and Crystallization in UAE

Whenever you enter a building, whether it is a house or a hotel, one of the first things you come in contact with and notice is the floor. If it is dirty or clean, scratched or spotless; whatever the condition is, you do notice it. Limestone floors are comparatively easier to maintain and keep clean than other stones. We offer the following services to keep the health of your stones intact:

  • Limestone Cleaning & Sealing – we will clean your Limestone surfaces with the most suitable cleaning solution followed by sealing to provide maximum stain resistance.
  • Limestone Grinding – if your Limestone floor is feeling uneven, we can grind away the excess stone to give you a flat surface using our diamond grinding technology.
  • Limestone Stain Removal – We can remove discolorations and stains in no time to reveal the original finish.
  • Limestone Repair – We can fill holes and cracks on your limestone floor so you do not have to replace them. We will also hone and polish it to look like the other surfaces.
  • Crystallization – It is used on Limestone or Marble surfaces to give them a mirror-like shine. It creates a micro film on the surface of the stone to make it more glossy and durable.

We are experts at Floor Polishing and Crystallization in UAE. We are ready to help you out whenever, wherever!

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World class services for Floor Restoration in Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah and all over the UAE

Your floor covers a large area in your building and you want this area to remain fresh and healthy looking so that it leaves a good impression on whoever visits you. Dirty, patchy and dull looking floors will cast a poor reflection on you, your personality and your services. Give us a call to get tailor made solutions for Floor Restoration in Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah and all over the UAE.