Surface Preparation

Stone Treatment Dubai offers you Surface preparation services, the process where the top most surface of a substance is treated to increase adhesion to coatings. It is important because it influences coating performance is the quality of surface preparation. This can either be done mechanically or chemically.

We understand your desire to keep it shinny eventually as it influences the whole process of flooring!

Methods of surface preparation:

We offer you many different methods of service preparation:

  1. Epoxy coating removal:

Old warehouse, shops and manufacturing plants are usually first coated with concrete floor paint, epoxy or any other coating systems. Through time, these paints get ruined or they are harder to maintain. We help you in restoring them through removing it or either re coating it or polish the concrete beneath it.

  1. Resin, Glue coating removal:

Usually there are vinyl adhesives or tile glues that if stayed on the concrete can create problems. If the concrete which is placed beneath the tile adhesive requires polishing, then the visibility of the grid pattern increases. That is why diamond grinding method is effective in eliminating the vinyl adhesives.

  1. Chemical Cleaning Methods:

There are several types that we offer

  1. Pure strength cleaner: removes dirt, grease, oil, adhesives, road tar and more.
  2. Steam cleaning: We use this method to remove grease, oil, salt, acid, alkali and other chemical residue. We use steam cleaning with alkaline cleaning for maximum results.
  3. Alkaline Cleaning: We use this method for removal of dust, dirt, wax, grease, oil, fat, salt, acid residue and more.
  4. Volatile Solvent Cleaning: This method is used to remove grease and oil.
  1. Hand and power tool cleaning:

our method of hand and power tool includes

  1. Hand tool cleaning: This method is used for the removal of loose rust, loose mill scale and deteriorated coatings.
  2. Power tool Cleaning: this process helps remove heavy rusted residues

5. Abrasive blast cleaning methods:

This is one of the most effective methods of surface preparation prior to coating. Water immersion and high temperature exposure methods are used.

Importance of surface preparation

The importance of surface preparation cannot be ignored. Surface preparation is process is used for clearing surface before running the actual process. The surface is cleared of any

  • Coatings already exist
  • Imperfections of the surface
  • Residue resent
  • Organic matter
  • Oxidation & discoloration
  • Other Contaminants

Surface preparation helps in achieving a high bond and durability and lifespan of floors and structures. It is important to get it done by professionals like us so that your base can be strong!