Decorative & Terrazo

Terrazzo is an interesting type of flooring which comprises of marble chips of different shapes and sizes which are held together with the help of cement or nowadays with a resin or epoxy base. There are sometimes other aggregates than marble used in this such as quartz, glass, granite or other material. It gives the look of a natural stone without the big price tag.

Our unparalleled experience in flooring helps us in providing you with just what you need. No matter where in the UAE you live, you will get our finest quality, efficient services and utmost dedication. We ensure to protect your investment and assist you bring out the hidden glory of your grounds décor.

It is beautiful to look at and is one of the sturdiest and resilient among all. We offer unmatched services of Terrazzo flooring installation in Dubai.

Trust the industry leaders for Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Maintenance

In order to clean and maintain Terrazzo, mostly coat or wax is used to cover it. This with time gets dirty and discolored. This is not a cost effective method and having the best knowledge, we do not utilize this. Our services will allow you to maintain the look of your floor without having to wax and strip continuously.

Our epoxy terrazzo flooring in Dubai is renowned all across the UAE for its craftsmanship, preciseness and durability. We can restore your Terrazzo to look brand new. We can also repair any crack with a matching color of epoxy resin. Additionally, we can replicate the colors chips if needed.

  • Polishing and Honing – just like we buff marble and other stones, we do the same for Terrazzo and give it a glossy or matte finish. Our services will restore the beauty of your floor to be as good as new.
  • Chip and Crack Repair – our professionals can return the look of your whittle and fractured Terrazzo to make it look fresh and shiny.
  • Sealing – in order to make the stone more durable and long-lasting, we pack it after cleaning and polishing. This also helps to maintain the color and shine of the floor.

Terrazzo Flooring Installation in Dubai

Terrazzo & Stone Floor Benefits

There are countless reasons why you should opt for a stone floor over any other material. Especially terrazzo flooring in Dubai brings with itself multiple benefits which when taken into account, make it the best choice.


These floors are extremely robust. A polymer binds them together which is similar to concrete and can withstand a large amount of traffic unlike hardwood or carpeting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Terrazzo has a completely different outlook as it is made with pieces of marble and granite etc. Additionally, it can be customized to suit your surroundings as well.

Stress-free Maintenance

Because of its sealed and flat surface, it is very easy and convenient to clean the floor and remove all stains. Only minimum clean-up is required as compared to vinyl tiles or carpets.

If you want a beautiful yet durable solution, terrazzo flooring in Dubai has numerous benefits and will make your choice easier.

For “terrazzo alla venezia” Type Polished Floors

Particularly recommended as flooring for:

  • Apartments in rooms.
  • Offices, in all areas.
  • Shops, in sales areas.
  • Showrooms, in all areas.
  • Restaurants, in all areas.
  • Museums and theaters, in areas used by the general public.
  • Shopping centres, in areas subject to pedestrian traffic.

Performances and advantages:

  • Applied manually at a thickness from 15 to 40 mm.
  • May be dry-polished approximately 2 days after applying the blend composed of Ultratop and natural aggregates.
  • The polishing treatment guarantees perfectly flat, smooth and reflective surface, with an appearance similar to “terrazzo alla venezia” floors.
  • After the finishing treatment, the floor may be waxed to make cleaning and maintenance operations simpler.