Travertine restoration in Dubai

Your house is your safe place and your little heaven on earth. You want to adorn it with wonderful things. Nothing picks up the ambience of a room more than a floor does. It covers a vast area hence takes up a large part of the setting.

Travertine is famous for its versatility and uniqueness. It is a widely used stone and is suitable to a broad range of styles for decoration. It has an amazing quality of being rugged and rustic, having an old-world welcoming charm and being stunningly classy.

Travertine is known for its elegance and intricate design. However, it does become dirty-looking or dull over time. It gets chipped, scratched, etched or damaged in some other way with the passage of time. Like every other stone, it also requires care and maintenance to remain beautiful for a long time.

We offer a wide range of Travertine restoration services in Dubai so that you do not have to replace your stones and can get them renewed by us. We cannot just make it look better than before but we try out utmost best to make it look brand new.

Reliable Services for Travertine Floor and Décor Polishing in UAE

It is unique in the sense because it has two forms: filled and unfilled. It has naturally occurring holes on it which are packed with a color matched material which give it a smooth appearance. Whereas this step is omitted in porous type which gives it a rustic feel and look.
Travertine restoration in Dubai
Our expert professionals know what is best for your stones and perform the following Travertine restoration services in Dubai for you:

  • Resurfacing or diamond sanding – this is used to remove scratches, stains, etches and holes from the floor due to high traffic or simple lack of maintenance.
  • Cleaning and sealing – this is a preventive measure for maintaining and sanitizing to protect the stone from any future erosion.
  • Polishing – this process instantly brings back shine and is cost effective as well
  • Filling holes and cracks – epoxy is used to pack holes that might occur on your Travertine.

For further details of our Travertine restoration services in Dubai you can always talk to our highly professional representatives.

We Maintain the Authentic Appeal of Your Commercial Natural Stone Flooring

Our technical staff is highly skilled to fulfill all your needs and to address all your concerns and queries. Our experts are always available for you.

We want to help you in maintaining the uniqueness of your stones and we ensure you that we are fully equipped to take care of your commercial spaces.

These floorings require detail and focus and we know exactly how much pressure to apply, which diamond grits to use and all other technicalities to make your décor shine with our Travertine restoration services in Dubai.