Technical and Architectural Solutions with Creative Terrazzo & Decorative Service in Dubai

The floors with decorative designs are quite popular these days as they provide a touch of elegance to your environment. While searching for a decorative & terrazzo flooring company in Dubai, divert your attention to Stone Treatment in this regard as we offer elite quality services of our professional and experienced specialists.

We Provide Reliable & Durable Services 

The beauty & flexible nature of terrazzo provides designers/ architects synchronic flooring for internal or external use. No other kind of flooring can add this much beauty along with economy. Decorative floors give a soothing effect & add timeless beauty to your homes and offices. Nothing can beat the authenticity & imperishable nature of decorative flooring.

Our terrazzo & decorative services range allows our clients an opportunity to use their imaginative skills and chose from the wide range of colors & designs with synthetic resin system. The advantages attached with these sorts of floors and wide variety of designs available makes them a durable and as well as an economical option for the clients & we feel pride making it affordable for our clientele.

Our Decorative Services in Dubai

People are different in several ways; everybody has different tastes, lifestyle & personality. At Stone Treatment, we are aware that every other clients has its own choice, sense of creativity that can be described by their homes or working environment. So we have various decorative services in order to satisfy the needs of a client.

  • Crystal Inlay

Crystal inlay comprised of 2 things. High strength adhesive polymer screed mixed with various particles like crystals, semi precious stones, glass and natural stones that provide a smooth finish to the surface.

  • Topcret

It is a high strength liquid polymer that is tailored to restore the finish and resurface the existing surfaces. It can be used for the concrete walls and floors, terrazzo, granite, marble and other stones etc.

  • Terrazzo Fashion

T-Fashion is a polymer modified terrazzo flooring which enhance various functional, architectural and aesthetic needs of today. An extraordinary multi-functional flooring due to its properties and durability that is perfect for the most demanding of needs and uses.

  • Concrete

Concrete floors require less maintenance as they are easy to clean and are long lasting as compared to other materials. It’s non-slippery and also concrete decreases dust mite & allergen problems.

Reasons to Choose Decorative & Customized Flooring

We can provide a wide range of reasons to you for selecting terrazzo & decorative for your environment:

  • Offers a variety of designs & colors
  • Scope to create something unique to complement the whole environment
  • Wide range of types & styles of floors
  • Customized flooring for every client
  • An affordable option for the customers
  • We charge quite less against the material & services that we provide


The decorative & terrazzo offers a wide variety of designs and patterns to suit their needs best. Stone Treatment strives to serve its clients with the best decorative and terrazzo services in Dubai and has built a strong reputation for its high quality. Just try our services & experience the whole new world of decorative & terrazzo.


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